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D1320x900 NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill

Maximize your drilling muscle with the field-tested D1320x900. Loaded with feature after feature to improve performance, reliability and durability, the D1320x900 is equipped with dominating twin Caterpillar C-27 engines, producing a maximum of 102,500 ft-lb (138,971.6 Nm) of rotational torque and 1,360,000 lbs (616,885.7 kN) of thrust/pullback.


Horizontal Directional Drilling Techniques - Drilling in Soft Rock

See how components of the Armor® drilling system, such as the Gauntlet™ bit, perform during successful completion of pilot bore, while the Vermeer fluted reamer and swivel work together to complete pullback in softer rock formations.

Safe Operation of Directional Boring Tracking Equipment

For all directional drilling tracking equipment.

Directional Drill Operation and Safety Video

For directional drilling units. See companion guidebook on safety section of the website.

Horizontal Drilling Techniques - Drilling in Loam

Ever wonder what’s going on underground when a bore is performed? See how HDD tooling and steering techniques are essential to the successful completion of pilot bore and pullback.

360 View

Features and Benefits

  • Operates efficiently with high-torque, low speed Hagglund hydraulic motors powering the rotary and carriage drives so you can run full torque and full rotary rpm simultaneously.
  • Reduces stress on the motor, because the thrust box bearing-pack assembly is designed to absorb the axial load caused by thrust and pullback.
  • Helps prevent rod wrap or wind-up because its floating vice allows the breakout system to clamp the full rod upsets during breakout of the lower and upper joints.
  • Muscles through difficult ground formations with higher torque than other models.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Drill Rack
Length (Minimum Transport) 50.5' 15.4m
Width 8.5' 2.6m
Height (Minimum Transport) 11.5' 3.5m
Weight 101000 lbs 45812.8 kg
Suspension Triple axle with air ride suspension
Front Base Anchor Length 20' 6.1m
Front Base Anchor Width 6' 1.8m
Front Base Anchor Height 24" 61 cm
Front Flat Anchor Length 9.5' 2.9m
Front Flat Anchor Width 5' 1.5m
Front Flat Anchor Height 8" 20.3 cm
Rear Base Anchor Length 16' 4.9m
Rear Base Anchor Width 7.8' 2.4m
Rear Base Anchor Height 8" 20.3 cm
Number of Rear Legs 2
Drill Rack Angle 8 degrees to 12 degrees
Driller Cabin
Length 10' 3.1m
Width 8.5' 2.6m
Height 9' 2.7m
Weight 6000 lbs 2721.6 kg
Heat and Air Conditioning In-wall combination unit
Power Pack
Length 22.4' 6.8m
Width 8' 2.4m
Height 10.3' 3.1m
Weight 38000 lbs 17236.5 kg
Make and Model (1) CAT C-27
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Capacity 500 gal 1892.7L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 720 gal 2725.5L
Maximum Engine RPM 2000 rpm
Gross Horsepower 800 hp 596.6 kw
EPA Certification Family Tier 2 (EU Stage II)
Power Pack Option Two
Length 32.2' 9.8m
Width 8' 2.4m
Height 10.3' 3.1m
Weight 57260 lbs 25972.7 kg
Make and Model (2) CAT C-18
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Capacity 1000 gal 3785.4L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 720 gal 2725.5L
Maximum Engine RPM 2000 rpm
Gross Horsepower 1200 hp 894.8 kw
EPA Certification Family Tier 3 (EU Stage II)
Power Pack Option Three
Length 32.2' 9.8m
Width 8' 2.4m
Height 10.3' 3.1m
Weight 57260 lbs 25972.7 kg
Make and Model (2) CAT C-27
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Capacity 1000 gal 3785.4L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 720 gal 2725.5L
Maximum Engine RPM 2000 rpm
Gross Horsepower 1600 hp 1193.1 kw
EPA Certification Family Tier 2 (EU Stage II)
Maximum Spindle Torque 102500 ft-lb 138971.6 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque (Low at Maximum Engine RPM) 102500 ft-lb 138971.6 Nm
Thrust 1360000 lbs 616885.7 kg
Pullback 1360000 lbs 616885.7 kg
Maximum Spindle Speed at Maximum Engine RPM (with PS800) 36 rpm
Maximum Spindle Speed at Maximum Engine RPM (with PS1200/PS1600) 54 rpm
Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM 64 ft/min 19.5 m/min
Number of Rotation Motors 1
Number of Drive Motors 6
Mud Swivel 3" 7.6 cm
Lower Breakout Vise
Breakout Force 253000 ft-lb 343022.5 Nm
Configuration 3-jaw clamp, 8 " (20.3 cm)
Weight 3800 lbs 1723.7 kg
Travel 6' 1.8m
Inside Diameter 9.8" 24.9 cm
Upper Breakout Vise
Clamp Force 250000 ft-lb 338955 Nm
Configuration 2-jaw clamp
Inside Diameter 10" 25.4 cm
Remote Lockout Yes
Strike Alert Yes

DECKHAND® Pipe-Handling System

Lighten the heavy lifting with the DECKHAND® Pipe-Handling System — an intuitive system that reduces the need for ground personnel, increasing jobsite efficiency.

  • Handles pipe from a center and off-center position, reducing transfer time for each load.
  • Allows for 360-degree continuous rotation in either direction for more job flexibility.
  • Achieves +/-19 degree tilt along the main beam to more easily match angled pickup or drop-off points.


Deckhand Specifications:
Excavator weight class: 54,450 lbs - 86,200 lbs (24,698 kg - 39,099 kg)
Main beam size: 6" x 6" (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm)
Weight: 2,892 lbs (1,311 kg)
Capacity: 30,000 lbs (13,607 kg)
Shipping length (with stand): 93" (236.22 cm)
Shipping width (with stand): 76" (193.04 cm)
Shipping height (with stand): 82" (208.28 cm)
Shipping weight (with stand): 3,714 lbs (1,684 kg)

Deckhand HDD Arms Specifications:
Pipe sizes handled: 3.5" - 9.5" (8.9 cm - 24.1 cm)
Weight: 800 lbs (362 kg)
Capacity: 11,000 lbs (4,989 kg)
Shipping length (with crate): 40" (101.6 cm)
Shipping width (with crate): 32" (81.28 cm)
Shipping height (with crate): 44" (111.76 cm)
Shipping weight (with crate): 1,300 lbs (589 kg)

Deckhand Utility Arms Specifications:
Material handled: 6.58" - 24" (16.71 cm - 60.96 cm)
Weight: 1,100 lbs (498 kg)
Capacity: 17,000 lbs (7,711 kg)
Shipping length (with crate): 52" (132.1 cm)
Shipping width (with crate): 42" (106.7 cm)
Shipping height (with crate): 52" (132.1 cm)
Shipping weight (with crate): 2,060 lbs (934 kg)


Atlas Bore Planner

Vermeer ATLAS BORE PLANNER® bore planning software system is your key to increased productivity. Designed to work with a wide range of locating systems, the patent-pending ATLAS BORE PLANNER software helps contractors, engineers, and utility companies get the job done right the first time. The ATLAS BORE PLANNER software increases boring accuracy by providing a graphic visualization of the job, helping a crew see and perform the job from start to finish.

By choosing drill stem diameter and length, desired bore path depth, desired minimum cover, diameter and allowable bend radius of the product pipe, the software plots a proposed bore path. The bore path is provided in two formats, one screen showing a top and side view, the other showing a report that lists the numerical depth and pitch of each drill stem.

Download a FREE 15 day trial now!

To purchase the Atlas Bore Planner software, please contact your local dealer.


Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible.

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Vermeer and LaValley Industries form strategic alliance

Vermeer has entered into a strategic alliance with LaValley Industries to distribute the DECKHAND® pipe handling systems specifically configured for loading and unloading drill pipe in HDD applications.