Play in the Dirt with Yanmar Compact Equipment. 

​Vermeer Texas-Louisiana is proud to distribute the Yanmar brand of compact equipment. The Yanmar product line includes mini-excavators. skid steers, tracked loaders and tracked carriers built to tackle your toughest challenges. For nearly 50 years, Yanmar compact construction equipment has been tested and trusted on your jobsite and you can find their commitment to powerful, fuel-sipping engines and relentless innovation second to none. 

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Plenty of companies make compact excavators, but not can come close to Yanmar's rich history of innovation. Since introducing the world's first mini-excavator in 1971, they have been a leader in compact equipment. Their line of excavators - six with true zero tail swing - are each purpose-built to overcome challenging conditions, work with unparalleled power, conserve fuel and provide exceptional flexibility with the same stability and performance you'd expect from more conventional excavators. 

Mini-Excavator Product Information

Skid Steers 

The Yanmar line of highly versatile skid steers, ranging from 68.4 to 70.7 hp, are up to whatever daunting challenges you throw at them. Each is built around one of Yanmar's powerful, fuel-efficient Tier 4 diesel engines, so they wont back down from even the toughest job.  With rated operating capacities from 1,650 to 2,700 pounds, and two easy to operate QuickAttach mounting systems, these machines are also rugged enough to handle about any attachment you need. Couple that with spacious, high-visibility operator's areas - built for comfort and safety - and you can work all day long without feeling like you did. 

Skid Steer Product Information 

Tracked Loaders

It doesn’t matter if your jobsite is mud, sand or uneven ground. Our rugged compact track loaders deliver the same raw power, fuel efficiency and versatility as our skid steers, but with durable, high-strength, high-flotation rubber tracks for superb traction and less environmental damage. Powered by highly efficient Final Tier 4 diesel engines, they make short work of complicated working conditions. With rated operating capacities of 1,750 to 2,100 pounds, best-in-class reach and dump heights and two easy-to-operate QuickAttach™ mounting systems, you can operate a wide range of attachments to knock out tons of work in no time at all. Plus, the operator’s area is comfortable and spacious with wide sight lines, so no matter how grizzly the conditions, you’ll feel right at home

Track Loader Product Information

Wheel Loaders 

Our all new V4-7 articulated wheel loader packs YANMAR’s legendary power and versatility in a compact, nimble package, allowing you to easily navigate tighter spaces. Powered by YANMAR’s powerful, yet fuel-efficient, Tier 4 Final diesel engines, it lifts and moves heavy loads with ease. Instantly switch from Fully Automatic Mode to Fixed Speed Mode for maximum torque in tough conditions. Save time with YANMAR’s innovative Auto-Leveler that quickly returns the bucket to the digging position in a single motion. A comfortable, spacious cab and an oscillating rear axle keep you from taking a pounding on slopes and bumps, and you’ll stay sharp and focused all day long.

Wheel Loader Product Information 

Tracked Carriers

Soft, wet or perilously uneven ground can present quite a challenge to a dump truck or pickup, especially when you need to move a heavy load from Point A to Point B. Getting stuck can put a big dent in productivity. That’s not a problem with a powerfully compact YANMAR Tracked Carrier. The durable rubber tracks give you the high-flotation, low ground pressure capability to productively operate in muddy, sloppy, gnarly conditions, while minimizing disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas. From as little as 37 inches wide to 6 feet 7 inches wide, these rugged carriers can get into, around or under a lot of spaces that nothing else mechanized can. Plus, each comes with a powerful, emissions- compliant, fuel-efficient YANMAR diesel engine, so you won’t waste precious uptime – or money – with endless fill-ups.

Tracked Carrier Product Information 

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