Horizontal Directional Drill Tooling and Accessories

Outfit your horizontal directional drills (HDD) and maxi rigs with the highest quality downhole tooling. We have four mobile tooling vans operating in the field every day, and we’ll bring the tools and accessories you need right to your jobsite. Check out our current HDD Tooling promotions

Our inventory includes the most popular Vermeer tooling and accessories for fiber, cable, electrical, gas and pipeline operations, including: 

• Drive chucks and sub savers                                      • Reamers
• Drill rod                                                                           ○ Barrel
    ○ Vermeer Firestick® drill rod                                       ○ Diamond wing cutter
    ○ Silver Series™ drill rod                                              ○ Fluted
• Quick connects                                                               ○ Helical plus
    ○ QuickFire® connection system                                  ○ Mix master
    ○ Low profile hex                                                           ○ Supreamer™
• Adapters and pulley eyes                                                ○ T-Rex™
• Transmitter housing                                                         ○ Custom built reamers to your specifications
• Drill bits                                                                        • Swivels
    ○ Ace drill bits                                                             • Pullers
    ○ Chevron drill bits                                                     • Vermeer accessories
    ○ Gladiator drill bits                                                        ○ Rod wipers
    ○ Shark drill bits                                                             ○ Thread lube
    ○ As well as, standard and carbide tip drill bits              ○ Rotary teeth
• Vermeer Armor® Tooling System                                    ○ Vise jaws
                                                                                           ○ Breakout tongs


For additional Vermeer tooling and accessories details, visit Borestore.com, then contact your local parts department to place your order. We also carry popular HDD tooling options and accessories from Railhead.

Locating Equipment
To help you maintain pinpoint precision on the job, we carry all of the latest locating equipment. including the popular DigiTrak Falcon F5 Guidance SystemDigiTrak® Aurora® Display, as well as McLaughlin utility locators and probes.

Drilling Fluids and Muds
No need to shop around for HDD drilling fluid and muds. We have you covered with BaroidM-I SWACO and ProAction Fluids drilling fluids and grouting muds.

Have a question, just let us know how we can help! Call us at 866-898-3763 or complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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