Vermeer Texas-Louisiana offers a variety of equipment to meet all your underground needs.

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utility installation

When a community relies on you to provide them with water, power and internet services, it's imperative to have trustworthy utility installation equipment.

Dig & Move

To ensure the development of a community, it is crucial to have utility installation capabilities that can function in diverse environments. These environments include rural and remote areas, congested cities and various soil types like hard rock, clay and cobble.

Plan & Execute

Vermeer's productivity tools streamline the process of accessing information related to your machine or project by utilizing digital technology. These tools are available in different types, including those designed for machines and others for job sites or projects. By using a single Vermeer productivity tool or combining them, you can enhance the efficiency of tasks such as bidding, planning and billing jobs.

Locate & Find

In 1991, DCI transformed the HDD industry by introducing the DigiTrak® Locating system, which revolutionized the way drill-head depth and location were measured. This new system offered unprecedented accuracy and incorporated unique features not present in previous systems.

underground equipment

Horizontal Directional Drills

Vermeer leads the underground utility installation market with its comprehensive range of horizontal directional drills.

As infrastructure development and utility installations continue to expand, Vermeer remains at the forefront of the HDD market, addressing the needs of contractors who specialize in fiber, electrical, gas and water installations. With a broad range of boring drill sizes and power options, Vermeer is dedicated to assisting utility contractors in handling projects in the most confined areas and challenging soil types. This includes the ability to perform small-diameter installation bores even in rocky ground conditions.

Vacuum Excavators

Vermeer provides an extensive line-up of hydrovacs, ideal for assisting utility contractors with various soil conditions.

Whether you require skid, trailer, or truck vac, Vermeer has a hydroexcavation solution for you.

One of Vermeer’s latest innovations is the XR2 vacuum excavator, which combines the conventional vacuum excavation method with the separation technology of a reclaimer.

Vermeer MV Solutions offers comprehensive support, training and equipment for vacuum excavation technology, catering to the rapidly growing underground utility and soft dig markets.


Vermeer’s trenchers, cable plows and rockwheels are specifically engineered to operate in diverse weather and ground conditions, ensuring that you meet your jobsite expectations.

Vermeer trenchers come with various attachments and a quad-track system, making them suitable for use in a range of ground conditions. Vermeer cable plows are ideal for fiber, gas and water utility installations with minimal ground disturbance.

For microtrenching, which requires minimal cutting width and shallow depth placement, Vermeer offers a wide selection of machines and attachments designed to optimize productivity while maintaining a clean jobsite. Additionally, rocksaw trenchers are the go-to solution for cutting through rock, concrete and other challenging surfaces.

HDD Productivity Tools

Whether you opt for a single Vermeer productivity tool software program or combine them, you can streamline the process of bidding, planning, executing and billing jobs.

Vermeer’s productivity tools software provides quick access to information about your machines or project through digital programs such as Telematics, Projects, BoreAid® design tool, BoreAssist and BorePlan, which employ real-time project and fleet management software. While some productivity tools are designed to work on machines, others are project or jobsite-specific.

Man locating with DCI locating device and spray paint

HDD Locating Systems

Raising the Bar. DCI set a new standard in the HDD industry by launching the DigiTrak® Locating system in 1991, which significantly improved the accuracy of measuring the depth and location of the drillhead compared to earlier systems. This groundbreaking system raised the bar for HDD technology and continues to be a leading solution in the industry.
dci locating devices



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