Operator working with Vermeer VXT 300 truck vac


Trenchless expertise has never been in higher demand, and your ability to make a big impact with a small footprint is critical. By combining underground utility and soft-dig industry innovation leaders McLaughlin Group, Inc., Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC, and Vacuum X-Traction Products Inc. (VXP), Vermeer has become the new powerhouse in vacuum excavation technology and equipment.
As a full-line authorized Vermeer dealership, we’re leveraging nearly 125 year of vacuum excavation, market expertise and product capability to bring you a complete line-up of quality, durable equipment. We want to be your partner in helping you complete the toughest jobs effectively and effi ciently.

With our extensive dealership network and nearly 125 years of experience in vacuum excavation innovation and production, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers. Our focus is on helping you get the job done quickly, effectively, and efficiently, so you can achieve your goals with confidence. At Vermeer MV Solutions, we are dedicated to your success and are here to support you every step of the way.


In the field of trenchless technology, minimizing impact while achieving maximum results is essential. Vermeer is at the forefront of no-dig solutions with its revolutionary line of high-capacity truck vacuum excavators designed to tackle challenging underground infrastructure projects with minimal disturbance to the surface.

Boasting spoil tank sizes ranging from 1,300 gallons to 16 yds3, each vacuum excavator is equipped with cutting-edge technology, decades of industry knowledge and expert production capabilities to ensure optimal performance on the job.

vacuum excavators

Specifically created for contractors who require dependable and effective excavation from work locations to disposal sites.

350hp | 800 gal Water Tank Capacity

The VXT300 series of truck vacs is designed for contractors focused on fast and reliable vacuum excavation from jobsites to dumpsites. The VXT300 series is available in an 8-yd³ (6.1-m³) spoil tank capacity with 800-gal (3,028-L) water tank capacity. Meet project deadlines using the productive 6-in (15.2-cm) PTO-driven truck vac with 3,500-cfm (99.1-m³/min) “free air” and is capable of 18 in Hg (.6 bar).

350hp | 800 gal Water Tank Capacity

The VXT8 series of mega vacs is designed for contractors focused on fast and reliable vacuum excavation from jobsites to dumpsites. The VXT8 series is available in an 8-yd³ (6.1-m³) spoil tank capacity with 800-gal (3,028-L) water tank capacity. Meet project deadlines using the productive 6-in (15.2-cm) PTO-driven mega vac with 3,500-cfm (99.1-m³/min) “free air” and is capable of 18 in Hg (.6 bar).

455hp | 1500 gal Water Tank Capacity

The XR2 vacuum excavator is the industry’s first vacuum excavator equipped with a shaker deck that separates liquids and solids to allow contractors to stay on the jobsite longer, work efficiently and reduce disposal expenses. Material excavated with the XR2 is fed through an onboard deceleration tank that exits through an airlock onto a shaker deck where solids and liquids are then separated. The solid material is moved by conveyor toward the rear of the machine where it is discharged and can be carried away or left on the jobsite, depending on the material. Used, slurry water is pumped into the fluid storage tanks for disposal. The design of the XR2 can help expand the use of vacuum excavation for everything from utility potholing and stitch boring to slot trenching and general construction, equipping you to do more.

one-person control

The equipment boasts a comprehensive remote-control system, enabling a single operator to control the boom, vacuum, conveyor, separation, and dig pump. You can select either a robust full-function belly-pack or a handheld remote for ease of use. This innovative control system streamlines the operation, making it possible for just one person to manage the entire process.

low profile

The truck boasts a low overall height of 11.5 feet (3.51 meters), making it easy to drive under a 12-foot (3.66-meter) shop door or bridge. Additionally, it is one of the lightest 8-yard³ (6.1-meter³) trucks available in the industry, which helps maximize payload.

suction & flow

The continuous rotation of the airlock allows for the discharge of solids and liquids, all while keeping the vacuum intact. This feature enables efficient spoil offloading and quick clearing of hose clogs, keeping your work moving forward. The valve position can also be changed to reverse the airflow, creating positive tank pressure when needed.


Geared towards payload and efficiency.

430hp | 850 gal Water Tank Capacity

The truck’s engine, through an OMSI soft-start transmission, powers a 4,800-cfm (135.9-m3/min) blower and 27-in Hg (685.8-mm Hg) vacuum. The onboard water system has a flow of 11.5 gpm (43.5 L/min) and water pressure capacity of 3,000 psi (20,684 kPa). The 74,000-lb (34,000-kg) GVWR-rated axle configuration allows for maximum utilization of the 8-yd (7.3-m) spoil tank.

510hp | 1300 gal Water Tank Capacity

The VXT600-11 model features an upgraded capacity with 11 yd³ (10.1 m³) of debris capacity and 1,300 gal (4,921 L) of water in the central tank. The VXT600-16 model features 16 yd³ (14.6 m³) of debris capacity and 2,400 gal (9,085 L) of water. The unit features a built-in 10-degree floor slope along with a three-stage lift cylinder and a full-radius, half-moon rear door for quick and efficient unloads. These combined features make the VXT600 one of the quickest tanks on the market to empty. This unit also features the powerful Jurop Helix 6,400-cfm (181.2-m³/min) PD blower driven by the OMSI transfer case with blower clutch pack soft-start engagement.

510hp | 800 gal Water Tank Capacity

Designed for efficiency, this unit utilizes its boom as a vacuum source that can fill or unload containers while the hoist can be used to unload and pick up containers repeatedly — all while remaining at the jobsite. The boom has the capability to reach multiple vacuum containers, strategically parked near the chassis, allowing it to fill 80 yd³ \- 115 yd³ (73.2 m³ \- 105.16 m³) of debris before maneuvering the vacuum containers. The VXT600D is specifically designed for service companies that deal with vacuum boxes and run hundreds of feet of hoses to get to the work area.

508hp | 135ft Reach

This truck-mounted machine provides a remote non-entry solution for areas like lagoons, pits, lift stations, aeration basins, lakes and rivers. Designed for service companies to provide accessibility to sites, the VBT600 can stay on the jobsite digging and pumping while vacs continue the loading and unloading cycle. This can optimize fleet operations. The VBT600 can also be coupled to additional treatment systems like centrifuges, press belts and dewatering screens.

jurop helix pump

The PD blower is driven by the OMSI transfer case with blower soft-start engagement and operates with a suction power of 4,800-6,400 cfm (135.9 m³/min) and is capable of up to 27 in Hg (685.8 mm Hg).

water system

The water system is a water pump that goes up to between 11.5-19.4 gpm @ 3,000 psi (43.5 L/min @ 20,684 kPa).

ifm electronics

The IFM industrial controller employed by the system is at the forefront of the industry, as it continuously monitors temperature, pressure, and vacuum sensors. Furthermore, the controller provides operators with access to engine instruments, chassis instruments, and vac instruments via the belly pack interface.


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