Vermeer Texas-Louisiana offers a variety of equipment to meet all your landscaping and tree care needs.

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Residental & Commercial Landscape

The answer to your landscape challenges can be found in Vermeer yellow.

Powerful. Compact. Reliable.

Creating or improving green spaces can pose significant challenges, requiring powerful, compact, and dependable equipment. Adding a mini skid steer to your fleet can be highly beneficial. Vermeer mini skid steers are renowned in the landscaping industry for their versatility, compactness, and user-friendly maintenance.

Clear. Grind. Remove.

However, we understand that creating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area involves more than just the visible components. There may be brush that needs clearing, stumps to grind, or water features to install. Vermeer offers a complete range of brush chippers, stump cutters, and pedestrian trenchers to address all of these tasks and more, ensuring that every project is successfully completed.

Equip. Attach. Complete.

Outfit your equipment with a variety of tools such as a bucket, grapple, dozer blade, land leveler, auger, and many others, to effectively finish your landscaping tasks.

VERMEER Landscaping Equipment

Mini Skid Steers

Vermeer mini skid steers come equipped with heavy-duty lift capacity and a diverse array of attachments, making them an excellent solution for those looking to streamline their work processes on the jobsite.

Ideal for professional landscapers and tree care contractors, these compact utility loaders are designed with small spaces in mind and are lightweight for easy maneuvering. With a universal mounting plate that allows for quick and easy attachment swapping, Vermeer mini skid loaders can tackle a variety of tasks with ease.

Boasting an operating capacity range of 500 lb – 1600 lb and top-of-the-line safety features, these skid steers are both highly productive and safe to operate. Thanks to their agile maneuverability, Vermeer mini skid steers can handle even the toughest worksites with ease, reducing workloads and helping you get the job done.

Compact Articulated Loaders

The Vermeer compact articulated loaders possess exceptional lifting capabilities and are equipped with a telescopic boom, making them an ideal choice for enhancing job efficiency. Additionally, the loaders come with a multi-tool attachment plate that enables users to tackle a range of tasks, including snow removal, tree work and landscaping projects.

To meet the demands of maneuverability and versatility, Vermeer introduced the compact articulated loaders (ATX) to ensure minimal turf disturbance. These mini compact loaders are equipped with a telescopic boom feature that allows for extended reach on the jobsite. Moreover, with the multi-tool attachment plate, the compact articulated loaders are capable of handling various tasks, including snow removal, tree care, landscaping, and other applications.

Brush Chippers

For environmental professionals looking to increase their productivity, Vermeer brush chippers offer exceptional value.

These wood chippers are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and feature exclusive technologies that promote operator safety and ease of operation. Ideal for arborists, landscape contractors and tree care crews, Vermeer brush chippers excel at clearing wood debris, logs and limbs with small to medium diameters.

Featuring the patented safety feature, the SmartFeed feed-sensing control, these chippers optimize hardwood processing to enhance productivity. The Ecoldle™ engine control system is also adjustable, reducing fuel consumption and noise by automatically reducing engine speed after one or five minutes of inactivity. With their superior engineering and cutting-edge technology, Vermeer brush chippers are a top choice for professionals in need of a high-performing wood processing solution.

Stump Cutters

Vermeer has been a trusted name in commercial tree care since they first invented the stump grinder in the 1950s.

Featuring a range of power options from 25-74 hp, Vermeer stump cutters offer a winning combination of strength, agility and durability, making them the go-to choice for tackling even the toughest tree stumps.

With the exclusive AutoSweep® system, Vermeer stump cutters are able to easily sweep away tree stumps with just one pass after another. Proprietary cutter systems are designed for both faster and easier serviceability, as well as extended tooth life. In addition, certain models of Vermeer stump grinders come equipped with tracks and offer low ground bearing pressure, making them ideal for reducing the possibility of turf damage. For commercial tree care operations seeking a reliable and efficient stump cutting solution, Vermeer is the name to trust.

Pedestrian Trenchers

When it comes to smaller utility installation projects, Vermeer walk-behind trenchers are the ideal choice. Our models are lightweight and easily portable, with efficient maneuverability in even the tightest of spaces.

With a proven track record of providing reliable solutions to a range of installation needs, the Vermeer lineup of pedestrian trenchers offers a variety of boom length and chain options to tackle different ground conditions and installation requirements.

Featuring flexible power options, user-friendly controls, and cutting-edge design, these versatile machines are built to meet the fluctuating demands of your jobsite. With engines ranging from 13-hp – 25-hp, digging depths from 30-in – 48-in, and a slender profile that allows for easy movement through narrow yard gates, Vermeer pedestrian trenchers are well-equipped for a variety of projects. Rubber tracks provide excellent traction in soft, rocky, or muddy conditions, with minimal ground disturbance. Additionally, “no tool needed” access to all serviceable components makes maintenance quick and easy to tackle. Choose Vermeer for your pedestrian trencher needs and experience the ultimate in productivity, efficiency and ease of use.





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