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Recycling & FOrestry equipment

Purpose-built for land-clearing needs. 

For over 30 years, FECON has built a reputation of manufacturing the most durable mulching head on the market. Their heavy-duty, rugged products power through the job, start to finish. Whether you are buying, renting, or servicing your mulching equipment, FECON has solutions that focus on your success-

Tub Grinders

Designed to enhance productivity and safety.

Vermeer tub grinders are equipped to handle tough tasks such as stump removal, regrinding, and large-scale wood recycling and mulching operations. These grinders feature a range of innovative technologies

  • Patented duplex drum cutting system, which streamlines maintenance and boosts cutting performance.
  • Patented Thrown Object Restraint System (TORS) reduces the number and distance of objects thrown during operation.

Optional add-ons such as a grapple loader and a bioscreen kit enable efficient processing of non-woody biomass materials, like hay and agricultural residue, without compromising the final product.

Horizontal Grinders

Designed to effectively transform logs and other organic materials into high-quality end products.

These grinders are built to withstand tough conditions and come in various configurations suitable for large-scale land-clearing, municipal waste, and composting operations. With multiple feed table length options, a wide range of horsepower, and innovative features such as a patented duplex drum and thrown object deflectors (TOD), these grinders offer exceptional versatility and efficiency. Additionally, the TOD system helps to minimize the amount and distance of materials thrown during operation, enhancing jobsite safety.

Whole Tree Chippers

Vermeer’s whole tree chipper provides a robust and comprehensive solution for processing entire trees.

With the growing emphasis on renewable fuels, governments and industries are increasingly recognizing the benefits of using wood chips as a source of power generation. Vermeer’s whole tree chipper meets this need by providing a high-capacity solution for producing top-quality wood chips.

This technology is especially appealing to those in the logging industry, who can now utilize every part of a tree, including previously discarded slash, for additional revenue streams and expanded operations.

Trommel Screens

Industrial screening equipment is specifically engineered to meet the demands of your industrial production requirements.

Vermeer’s whole tree chipper provides a comprehensive solution for processing entire trees, while our trommel screens are engineered for optimal efficiency and maintenance ease. Featuring a large, low-to-the-ground feed hopper, these screens make it effortless to feed material into the screening drum using various loading equipment.

  • Removable side panels expose the full length of the drum screen, providing for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Put the finished product where you need it – loading directly into a truck or stockpiling using the optional radial stacking conveyor on select models that swings a full 200 degrees.
  • Avoid jams with both the drum and feed conveyor being reversible.
  • With the ability to tension the screen around the drum, operators can add rigidity to the screens. This design allows the use of smaller gauge wire, ultimately increasing the open area of the screen to help improve productivity.

Vermeer trommel screens are engineered to minimize setup time and be effortlessly serviceable, offering maximum convenience and ease of use. With a comprehensive range of options, these machines can be tailored to suit your precise requirements and specifications.

Compost Turners

Vermeer compost turners facilitate the decomposition process by introducing oxygen into the compost pile.

Composting is an essential component of waste management worldwide, and compost operations generate products with diverse applications such as:

  • Topdressing for golf courses and yards
  • Compost socks for water filtration, which are mesh tubes filled with compost that will slow and filter water on a construction site, capturing soil and reducing erosion
  • Erosion control on construction sites
  • Organic fertilizer or soil conditioners

Vermeer compost equipment is capable of processing up to 4000 cubic yards (3058.2 cubic meters) of compost per hour, depending on the turner’s type and size. The drum-style windrow turners have a horizontal steel drum with flails that aerate the compost windrow. Vermeer compost equipment is designed to enhance composting efficiency and productivity.


FECON has earned a reputation for crafting the most robust mulching head in the industry for more than three decades. Their tough and resilient products can effortlessly handle any job from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to purchase, lease, or maintain your mulching equipment, FECON offers customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and aimed at ensuring your success.

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Meet our Specialists

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