If anyone knows the value of the old adage, time is money, it’s Andrew Mudge, owner of Fence Plus, LLC. His land clearing company has been in business for three years, and he’s experienced rapid growth due his equipment fleet. 

Mudge currently owns a Vermeer CTX100 mini skid steer and a Yanmar VIO55 excavator along with multiple attachments to help him service ranches, install fencing, barb wire, pipe, and clear ponds and land. His customer base is diverse, so he requires machines that can equip him to do a myriad of jobs. 

Mudge bought his first piece of equipment from David Moore, sales representative at Vermeer Texas-Louisiana located in Cypress. When Moore gave Mudge the quote, Mudge recalled, “The price kinda scared me at first. I thought, ‘Can I really afford this?'” Making a capital investment can be intimidating, but Mudge quickly realized the benefits he would reap from purchasing Vermeer.

Fence Plus, LLC
Land clearing with a Vermeer mini skid steer

Using a Vermeer CTX100 mini skid steer to clear land in the Houston area

From the first day I used the machine, I saved so much in time that I had made enough money to pay the note. It has honestly changed our game,” Mudge recalled. 

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Mudge has made his fleet more efficient through innovation. He has created some special attachments he calls wire stretchers that he uses on his mini skid steer that has exponentially increased his productivity. 

He commented, “It’s unbelievable the amount of work that I can get done. Just the other day, I installed a mile worth of fence in just five days.” 

When asked why he is sold on Vermeer products, Mudge said he tried reaching out to other equipment dealers in the area, but they were slow to respond to his requests. The relationship he has built with Moore is what has contributed to the success of Fence Plus. When speaking about Moore, Mudge said, “His service was the reason I signed the Vermeer sales papers. David is my favorite sales rep of all time.” 

As a Vermeer Texas-Louisiana sales representative, Moore goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service to his customer base. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he will spend hours researching it and text or email it to Mudge. And this is the type of work ethic that permeates throughout the entire company. As a result, Moore has created a strong working relationship with Fence Plus. 

“I’ve never had to sit and wait on a machine. Once I committed to you as a customer; y’all committed to me,” Mudge remarked. 

We remain committed to all of our customers in the tree care, landscape and rental industry. If you need to increase the capacity of your workload and maximize your time in the field, give Vermeer Texas-Louisiana a call. If you need someone to clear your land or install fencing, reach out to Fence Plus – Online at fence-plus.com and on Facebook @fenceplusplus

Andrew Mudge and the Fence Plus, LLC team

Andrew Mudge, owner of Fence Plus, LLC and the Fence Plus team


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