Having just started in the landclearing and tree service business two years ago, Apex Line Clearance is experiencing success like a company with a much longer tenure. Clayton Love, owner and founder, attributes part of his start-up’s success to the relationship with Vermeer Texas-Louisiana, proving that a new kid on the block can establish secure roots.

One of the biggest challenges, Love faced in getting started was finding financial backing. He had just recently graduated from college. He had no contracts. No one wanted to give him a small business loan, and he didn’t want to go the investor route. He explained, “The work was easy, and I wanted full control of my business.”

After being “laughed out the door a few times” by other equipment dealers, Love was frustrated yet determined to find someone to work with him. A colleague based in Oklahoma recommended Vermeer equipment to Love. Because Love knew Vermeer Texas-Louisiana sales representative, David Engles, from a previous company he’d worked with, Love reached out to him for assistance. Engles patiently worked with Love and shortly after he got financing on his first Vermeer BC1000XL brush chipper. “Vermeer helped me out greatly in getting financing on that first chipper,” Love remarked.

Love initially founded his company in September of 2018, and after getting his first piece of yellow iron with Vermeer Texas-Louisiana, he was able to realize income in his business in January 2019. By April 2019, Apex Line Clearance had several contracts and jobs underway. Today, the company boasts 26 employees and six Vermeer brush chippers, with the latest one being purchased in the summer of 2020. Love is consistently busy, and for 2020 that’s an accomplishment in itself!

Apex Line Clearance - Owner: Clayton Love

When asked why he’s remained loyal to Vermeer, Love remarked, “I absolutely love the Vermeer brush chipper. I haven’t had any issues with it.” Love has tried out other competitive machines, but he just does not get the support he gets with Engles and the Vermeer Texas-Louisiana team in Irving. “I couldn’t get competitor sales reps to call me back. I couldn’t get pricing. As a small business owner, I am everything – owner, operator, HR … I need someone who is easy to work with,” Love explained.

Additionally, Love has found value in the time-savings he enjoys with Vermeer Texas-Louisiana. He said, “You know, things pop up, recalls and stuff. I can’t always go pick up parts. There has been more than one time David has met me part way. He’s met me out in the field. This is important to me as a small business owner.”

Because he is familiar with Vermeer machines, Love often performs routine maintenance and small repairs himself. He orders parts through Vermeer, and, on occasion, used the service department for warranty work. “One of my brush chippers had a couple of hours on it, and the exhaust manifold was overheating. Because it was under warranty Monte [Monte Stucky is the Vermeer Irving shop foreman.] helped me get it repaired. He’s been really good to me. He gets my machines in and out quickly,” Love continued, “Without a chipper, I’m not working and when I’m not working, I’m losing money.”

Whether it’s clearing out utility easements for right-of-way markings, trimming trees or forestry mulching, Apex Line Clearance is sure to have success with the Vermeer Texas-Louisiana team behind him. For more information, visit www.apexlineclearance.com or on Facebook @ApexLineClearance.

Apex Line Clearance clearing trees in a residential area


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