After 15 years in the tree care and landscape business and three years as owner of Mad Ax Lawn & Tree, Lastin Johnston, has discovered the secret to success with Vermeer equipment. Johnston founded his company – named after his sons Madyx and Axel – to provide comprehensive tree removal, tree trimming and lawn maintenance services to customers in Midland, Texas.

Not long after forming his company, Johnston met with Stanley Gibson, Vermeer Texas-Louisiana sales representative in Midland, for a Vermeer BC900 brush chipper demonstration. Being a die-hard fan of a competitive brand, Johnston wasn’t really looking to switch things up but decided to hear Gibson out. With determination, diligence and professionalism, Gibson provided a thorough demonstration with Johnston and his team by letting them try out the equipment and answering questions.

“After testing it out, I was sold. I like Stanley’s customer service. Stanley and I have a good relationship. I can call for anything, and he helps me out over the phone,” Johnston explained.

After Johnston procured the Vermeer brush chipper, he purchased a Vermeer CTX50 mini skid steer from Gibson. And shortly after that, he bought a Vermeer SC362 stump cutter. The stump cutter was the final piece of equipment that helped Johnston provide comprehensive service to his customers. Within a year and a half, Johnston had a fleet of Vermeer tree care and landscape equipment.

“The CTX and stump grinder has helped us sell jobs. We can offer taking the tree down and remove the stump. It’s been a game changer. Stanley has also recommended us for stump grinding jobs,” Johnston shared.

Mad Ax Lawn & Tree fleet of Vermeer tree and landscape equipment

Johnston also utilizes the parts and service department at the Midland branch. He is able to get stump cutter teeth within a day, and when his brush chipper needed maintenance it was only in the shop for a couple of days. Many Vermeer Texas-Louisiana customers take advantage of in-store service and are able to track the status of their repair through text message or email updates. And for customers who don’t have the time to bring the unit to the shop, Vermeer Texas-Louisiana also offers mobile field service, sending a certified technician directly to your location/jobsite.

Vermeer Texas-Louisiana provides the total package, not only selling the equipment but also offering parts, service, support and consultation when needed. Johnston also said, “If it wasn’t for Stanley, I probably wouldn’t have the equipment that I have. He took a different approach. He tried to help me and not just sell me something. He’s really helped me make things more cost-effective.”

In just a short while, Johnston has enjoyed fast success in west Texas – making Mad Ax Lawn & Tree a happy customer of Vermeer Texas-Louisiana. Visit Mad Ax Lawn & Tree on Facebook @MadAxLawnandTree. Learn more about the tree care and landscape industry online: https://www.vermeertexas.com/tree-care/


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