Michael Denham, president, owner and founder of Mission Site Services, LLC, has worked in the construction business for the majority of his adult life. He is an eager learner with an entrepreneurial spirit who has held just about every operational role in the construction business.

Denham founded his company over a decade ago in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area where he works directly with utility companies and developers that install new or upgrade existing infrastructure. He started small and has grown his business over time through the careful and consistent development of professional relationships with customers and with vendors like Vermeer Texas-Louisiana.

When he began his business, Denham knew he wanted to utilize Vermeer as a partner because of previous experience he’d had with the brand. “They were a partner I needed and wanted to have. Vermeer helped get me going.” His first equipment acquisition was a Vermeer utility trencher and a small D7x11 horizontal directional drill. Since then his fleet has exponentially grown. His entire fleet of directional drills was manufactured by Vermeer. However, the product quality and reliability are not the only reasons Denham has stuck with the brand. It’s about the service and partnership as well.

“The products are superior. Couple that with the customer service and relationship, I’m just hard-pressed to go anywhere else,” Denham said. When asked if he’d tried other brands, Denham remarked, “I’ve told the competition ‘no’ so many times, they don’t even call me anymore.”

Mission Site Services - horizontal directional drill

Mission Site Services has been a long-standing customer of Vermeer Texas-Louisiana. Denham has worked with many people on the sales team and his company has grown right alongside the Texas dealership.

“Chris Giblin [sales representative] does a phenomenal job managing my account. He is always more than willing to come out and train or problem-solve with my team,” Denham offered.

Early in his career, Denham had purchased a new Vermeer D36x50 horizontal directional drill. “It was the first time I’d had a machine that large,” he commented. He also was tackling a new installation challenge with 12-inch poly pipe, another first for the company. He shared, “It was very daunting. Mark Unzicker [local sales manager] and Chris came out and helped us be successful. As a result of our success, it catapulted our company to the next level and solidified our relationship with Atmos Energy in Collin County. For us to do that as a new company. It was a big deal.” 

Mission Site Services - horizontal drill on jobsite

More recently, Mission Site Services has found success using the line of Yanmar excavators that Vermeer Texas-Louisiana distributes. The ongoing project to replace steel pipe with poly is located in a congested urban area of Dallas, with many small alleyways behind houses. Additionally, fencing and parked cars have created blind spots and other challenges. Chris was able to go to the jobsite and consult with Denham on the most effective equipment to employ. “Using compact equipment like Yanmar’s mini excavators and articulated wheel loaders has helped meet our size and power needs. We have increased accessibility, decreased damage and, most importantly, increased safety,” Denham said.

Denham has also found that utilizing the service department at the Irving branch saves him time and money. “I almost exclusively use Vermeer parts and service. Because I have to outsource the service due to the technical nature of the work, it is much more effective for me to use the Vermeer service department,” he remarked.

Denham concluded by saying, “We’re glad to have Vermeer Texas-Louisiana as a partner in the business. They’re a crucial piece to what we do.”

The proverbial “they” say some people come into your life for a reason; some for a season; and others for a lifetime. We are thankful to have developed and sustained our relationship with Denham and Mission Site Services for the life of his business!

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