Attention to detail makes a big impact for Samson Services

On a mild spring day in March, Drew Samson of Samson Services sat down and described his history in the tree care service industry. He specifically shared how the equipment he has purchased and rented from Vermeer Texas-Louisiana has helped make his job easier and equipped him to do more.  

With a voice akin to a late-night radio DJ, Samson took us on the journey of how his business, Samson Services, has evolved into the successful operation it is today. Not that different from many youngsters looking for a part-time gig, Samson started out as a teenager mowing, edging and blowing lawns in Louisiana. He developed a strong sense of quality craftmanship in the landscape industry, and later went on to attain a degree in landscape architecture from Louisiana State University. Over the years as he garnered more industry and business operations knowledge, he developed Samson Services into a full-service tree and landscape company. As the business has improved, he has made changes to increase the company’s growth and profitability.

He explained, “I used to just hire on the spot, but now I am more strategic in hiring people. I look for people with relevant experience. And I’m willing to pay for that experience, but my employees have to be willing to do the work.”

Another key to his success is working with Vermeer Baton Rouge in southern Louisiana. Fifteen years ago, a friend of Samson’s, who was also in the tree care line of work, was looking for a stump grinder. Both friends were introduced to the Vermeer brand and ended up purchasing new stump cutters. Samson remarked about his initial interaction with the Vermeer Texas-Louisiana dealership, “It was just an easy experience. Yes, I had good credit, but the team there in Denham Springs; it was just joyful to work with them.” (The Baton Rouge location was originally located in Denham Springs until early 2018.)

Vermeer BC700XL brush chipper
Yanmar SV08 excavator

Then, about five years ago Samson bought a Vermeer BC700XL brush chipper from Stetson Hickman, Vermeer sales representative in Baton Rouge. A little while later, he added a Yanmar SV08 excavator to his fleet.

“That excavator is worth every penny. It has saved me a lot,” Samson said. Next on his list is a Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer and a Felling trailer. “You can just use it (i.e., mini skid steer) for so many things. I can’t go buy a tractor and use it every day. The mini skid is just as powerful but smaller. Those skid steers are just amazing,” he explained. Vermeer mini skid steers have grown in popularity for their compact size and versatility, allowing landscapers like Samson to do small residential jobs as well as large commercial ones.

Samson’s relationship with Hickman is more than transactional. Over the years both he and fellow sales rep, Michael Staten, have helped Samson with the total package – parts, service and equipment. He explained, “Stetson has come out to jobs and demoed things for us. He’s also helped me troubleshoot a skid steer we had on rental from y’all.” He continued, “I started out with Michael, and then some years later Stetson became my salesman. Anything I’ve ever needed; they both have always been there to help.”

There have also been occasions where Samson has brought in his Vermeer stump cutter to the Baton Rouge branch for service. Most recently, he brought in his Yanmar excavator to get tuned and cleaned up. “The engine is so small. It was really awesome how they were able to get in there and clean it up,” Samson remarked. “Any time I need to get a machine fixed; it’s in and out. It’s been a good experience,” he concluded.

When asked exactly how Vermeer has helped him succeed in his business, he said, “Out of a 10, I’d give ‘em a 12. It’s not very often that a company caters to the small guy. They treat me like I’m a big business.”

Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer

No matter the size, Vermeer Texas-Louisiana takes pride in delivering quality equipment and exceptional customer service each and every time. The dealership’s reputation has been built on developing solid relationships like the one with Samson. To learn more about Samson Services, visit https://samsonserviceslouisiana.com/


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